Speeding Up PHP in Docker w/ XDebug

I've been using Docker for my local environments at Vanilla since 2017. It was a good way to ensure consistent & reproducible developer environments and was a marked improvement over what we were running before. We setup a single repository with our shared environment (vanilla-docker) and it spread across the company like wildfire.

The consistency was great, especially as we onboarded various junior developers over the years. Unfortunately in 2018, Apple released MacOS High Sierra, sporting a new filesystem, APFS.

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Self-Hosting Analytics with Plausible

I was recently looking for a cheap way to move a few sites off of Google Analytics and began looking into various options, both cloud-hosted and self-hosted.

Available Options

Unfortunately most cloud-hosted options (that aren't google analytics) are relatively pricy for what are essentially low traffic sites. After a bit of evalution the best options seemed to be:

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